We can replace this with a single solution enterprisewide would eliminate redundant data entry and the need for data reconciliation, shorten audit times, automate manual work, and cut IT support costs dramatically. Most important, it would improve governance and central control, and enable the company to react faster to business challenges and compete more effectively in the constantly changing market.solutions are implemented using a template approach for quick, fixed-scope deployment with minimal customization.

The main challenges identified were mapping the complex nature of the business of the apparel industry and to enable:

The planning department to streamline the operations

Execution of orders and capturing cost

Managing quota for exports

Reduction of cycle time

Identifying of all areas of wastage and reduction of wastages

Extending Manufacturing Functionalities to Textile Manufacturing

Make to Order (MTO) & Make to Stock (MTS) Manufacturing Execution As with apparels, AG Technologies supports both Make To Order (MTO) and Make To Stock (MTS) production processes. The solution covers the following manufacturing processes in addition to the apparel operations:

erp system


Cotton purchasing and inventory management processes and reporting

erp software


Knit roll management and dyed yarn manufacturing

sap cloud platform


Dyed yarn weaving, Loom & Beam Planning, Denim & Terry Weaving


Fabric and Yarn Dyeing

Dye recipe management with Dye/ Chemical consumption reporting


Plant Maintenance

Preventive and reactive maintenance with vendor annual maintenance contract management


Quality Management

Cotton sampling and in process quality management for Spinning, Knitting/ Weaving, Dyeing and Finishing -Greige and Fabric inspection with quality attribute recording based on point systems

As a modular solution, Garment and Textiles can benefit multi-channel retailers with multiple consumer touch-points. Garment and Textiles can also be used as an accelerator to enhance or fine-tune existing IT landscapes and processes. From textile planning to sales analytics, Garment and Textiles’ holistic perspective addresses the unique needs of fashion textile businesses.

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