These challenges represent opportunities for those companies who realize that in order to grow, they must move beyond merely providing new products and services, and participate in redefining the market.

AG Technologies offers solutions for telecommunications and mobile communications companies that can help transform legacy systems, and develop and deliver integrated, scalable next-generation services and offerings. Our telecommunications teams have the industry-specific knowledge and technology skills to design and implement changes to your business models and those of your customers.

AG Technologies offers software, servers, solutions and services to telecommunication and mobile communication companies to improve customer relationships and maximize return on IT Investment:

  • AG Technologies Contact Management system for telecommunication and mobile communications companies help companies to stay competitive by implementing and supporting multi-channel customer self-service. Our solution can help create a customer-centric atmosphere, and create measurable benefits including cutting costs and enhancing revenues.
  • Helping telecommunication companies innovate and gain competitive advantage with product lifecycle management which would enable to bring new services to market with minimal cost and risk.
  • We are also engaged in providing implementation, consulting and migration services of SAP ERP package.

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