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Discover cloud solutions and services that help you collect and connect your data, respond flexibly to change, and compete in a digitally-transformed world.

Deploy cloud apps for all lines of business. Take advantage of a market-leading cloud platform, flexible on-demand infrastructure, and proven enterprise cloud security and hosting services. Choose from a public, private, or hybrid cloud environment to meet your specific needs.


Browse SAP SaaS applications for all lines of business – conveniently managed and updated in the cloud. Reduce costs, harness the latest technologies, and innovate faster.


Build, extend, integrate, and deploy cloud applications on SAP Cloud Platform. Learn about this open, in-memory PaaS – including platform services and unique benefits.

Private Managed Cloud

Move your mission-critical SAP applications to a private managed cloud that is fully scalable, secure, and customized to your needs. Accelerate cloud adoption and simplify IT.


Choose your own secure, hyperscale IaaS from best-in-class providers with SAP product knowledge. Deploy in our private managed cloud offering, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Why choose a full cloud implementation?

Examine the reasons for a full cloud implementation

Get IT services, applications, and expertise more efficiently and affordably than with an on-premise operation. Learn about cloud solutions from SAP and the range of cloud-based services and delivery models available.

See how customers are succeeding with SAP

1 project plan for everyone, saved time and money

Vestas rolled out a “One Plan” iPad app, based on SAP Cloud Platform, that simplifies life for engineers and enables them to focus on what they do best.

Moved five overseas offices to a cloud ERP solution

Hitachi High-Technologies implemented cloud-based core systems for acquired companies in just months to meet the changing needs of its global consumers.

Helping truckers find safe parking environments

Learn how Bosch is helping truckers find safe parking and comply with legal rest times using the Internet of Things and the cloud.

Compare SAP cloud deployment options

Choose the deployment option that best fits your business needs – public, private, or hybrid cloud.

Public cloud

Run third-party public cloud services from providers such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and Microsoft Azure – or within an SAP data center. No matter your choice, you can reduce your capital expenditure.

Private cloud

Accelerate growth and innovation with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud – a fully managed, secure private cloud. Take advantage of comprehensive cloud infrastructure and managed services for in-memory applications, database, and platform.

Hybrid cloud

Opt for a hybrid model of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise solutions from SAP and third-party vendors – for maximum flexibility. Select different approaches for different needs and get the most value from your investments.

Cloud security, privacy, and compliance

We provide a cloud security foundation based on the highest quality standards – to keep your data safe.

Access SAP Trust Center to learn more about:

  • Uptime and availability of SAP’s cloud services
  • Our data center and cloud security foundation
  • Privacy and data protection
  • The latest compliance and security standards worldwide

Professional services for the cloud

Take advantage of expert cloud guidance

Simplify and accelerate your journey to the cloud with expert guidance from SAP. Our cloud services support the entire adoption lifecycle – from cloud design and strategy to deployment, migration, and operations.

Unlock your business value with the power of Digital and let the transformation begin.

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