SAP Audit Management facility has been incorporated within it fully integrated through .Net weaver platform. AG Technologies provides a thorough audit of your SAP system by most skilled SAP security professionals to check the performance of your SAP Implementation and controls the security risks that your business is posed to.

  • Audit of SAP Processes to understand the current flow
  • Mapping of Roles & Authorization
  • Licenses & other Statutory Compliance Audit
  • Financial Compliance Audit
  • Audit of SAP configuration settings to determine correct mappings
  • Performance Audit to determine if ABAP codes and flows have been set properly to give ultimate performance
  • Audit of IT control systems such as Disaster Recovery, Data Back, etc. to determine the required controls for a smooth working

The process of SAP Audit is as follows:


System overview & initiation


Audit Planning


Identification of Audit Objects


Analysis & Testing





Benefits of SAP Audit Management:

Optimization of resources
Improvement in compliances for error free working
To attain a fully transparent & process oriented system
Improvement in overall SAP performance across the business
Speeding ROI and Cost Cutting by correct determination of leakages in the system

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