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All SAP customers need rapid innovation, digital resiliency, and intelligent ERP capabilities to unveil the competitive advantages of S/4HANA.

The question is how, when, and to what extent should S/4HANA transformation be materialized in the smoothest way possible?

With our SAP S/4HANA Assessment, we work with you to develop a lucrative strategy for the SAP S/4 HANA transition and drive the conversion with the following:

With our bespoke strategy shaped to your business vision, we help you monetize the power of S/4HANA for mission-critical business apps.

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SAP S4HANA can impact all key business functions from marketing and customer service to finance and supply chain management. SAP S4HANA allows enterprises to use analytics-driven insights in real-time and become responsive to change.



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Migrate all critical customer and vendor data as Business Partner integration to the digital core of S/4HANA with a user-friendly and intuitive web-based Fiori interface. We deliver ready-to-use apps tailored to your needs as a part of the Fiori ecosystem to cater to multiple use cases and scenarios. We help you deploy the prebuilt demo system with SAP’s best practices for your business processes and test it to perform fit-gap analysis.


Analyse the data structures of finance, accounting, credit, asset management, revenue recognition, and profitability analysis and centralize data into a universal ledger as a single-line table. Reduce aggregate and index tables which translates to data volume condensation faster transactions and reporting. In S/4HANA, only one field of Universal Journal stores both General Ledger account and cost entry posting. Financial year-end closing and reporting can be achieved faster with this solution. Parallel accounting and cost recognition can be implemented with the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) compliant SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR). Accountability and cost-based profitability analysis can be done simultaneously, We implement the new general ledger during conversion or at a later stage without document split or parallel ledger to make new asset accounting seamless. With Financial Supply Chain Management we integrate the interface with external credit rating agencies through its distributed architecture to implement a credit rule engine for risk evaluation and credit limit calculations, credit event workflows, and automatic master data updates on credit limit approval. 

Supply Chain

The new advanced ATP check (aATP) has a renewed logic and the latest inventory data model to read the planning elements and deliver better performance. Backorder processing has been rehashed to include the Win, Gain, Redistribute, Fill and Lose confirmation strategies. The new product allocation process requires minimum Fiori Apps customizing efforts. The New Fiori app analyses shortage situations and generates statistical outcomes while better control of critical sales order assignment is available. aATP can handle complex ATP scenarios with the rule-based ATP, multi-level ATP check, product allocation advanced checks, and advanced backorder processing.

Extended Warehouse Management will be supported by native WMS integration and decentralized deployment. Other salient features include Process-Oriented Storage Control (POSC), customizable RF functionality, value-added services like kitting, enhanced wave & replenishment processes, and labor management.

Global Trade Services replaces the Foreign Trade functionality with Sanctioned Party List Screening (SPL), automated embargo and simplified license checks, and import/export declaration.

Material Ledger (ML) activation evaluates ledgers in multiple currencies. This reduces the need for multiple currency conversions.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) can be run in real-time rather than during off-peak hours. MRP can be run on plant and MRP area levels while subcontracting has been simplified. A 40-character Material Number can be included now with minimal impact on custom coding, interfaces, and other SAP applications.

Transporation Management Supply Chain for Transportation Management (TM) is fully-embedded in the S/4HANA environment and can be used during migration phases. TM in S/4HANA can be run for basic shipping and extended to the complete scope of an inbuilt TM solution. The S/4HANA Supply Chain for TM baselines full automation, Control Tower and Management.

Sales and Service

S/4HANA supports an intelligence-driven Settlement Management Solution for Condition Contract Settlement developed for different rebate scenarios and settlement business processes. The key features include Flexible data sources, Settlement calendar, Business selection criteria, contract processing, and Streamlined contract entry.

The Backorder processing feature reschedules and redistributes order quantities depending on the Advanced Available-to-Promise (aATP) confirmation strategies. You can trigger rescheduling and redistribution based on the custom segmentation of ATP criteria. Additionally, you can Simulate and schedule backorder processing as a single step, define global filters, new requirement categories, and assign confirmation strategies.

Through Lead & opportunity management, you can plan the sales pipeline with the existing CRM server and manage daily activity with the task manager. The Service Contract Management module helps effectively manage long-term service customer agreements based on the content and scope of services rendered to them within a predefined timeframe. In the Pricing Data Model the database tables and structures have been remodelled and data elements have been changed in their length. Migration reports are rolled out to update the existing condition records.