Now speed-up your tasks with Robotic Process Automation!


RPA- A way to increase the work efficiency of your Organisation.

Robotic Process Automation has changed from being optional to crucial due to need to go digital. Businesses are outlooking for quicker & more efficient ways to get things done with higher return on investment.

Every business has an urge to be more efficient in less investment which brought a paradigm shift on how businesses tend to work. If your employees are engaged in monotonous work which can be automated, then how can they take time for creative and productive work!

No matter what type of industry you are dealing with, it helps you to automate your tasks as much it is possible.  Moreover, it can also radically improve customer journeys by simplifying interactions and speeding up processes.

Why Robotic Process Automation is Important for your Business?

  • -It helps your bring efficiency: Robotic Process Automation Services allows your talent to do purposeful work by removing repetitive, replicable, and routine tasks. Hence, it helps to speed-up the work with zero chances of error.
  • -Postpone IT investment: RPA can be a more inexpensive and quicker solution in case of integrating legacy IT systems. RPA Solutions can reduce the time and labour required to integrate multiple systems that have been poorly integrated over years.
  • -Reduces Human Error: Humans are prone to make mistake like typos. Robotic Process can work endlessly without any distractions; that gives the ability to make no mistakes.
  • -High security standards: RPA can meet the strictest security standards since it doesn’t save any processed data.

Our key differentiators

  • -Right mix of product expertise with process Automation products such as Power automate, UI Path, Automation Anywhere, RPA managed services, Python & open-source RPA thereby having demonstrable expertise in end to end Intelligent Process Automation Implementations.
  • -With our vast industry and domain specific knowledge of 150+ man years’, provide us the edge in process re-engineering consulting, which helps in Maximising ROI of enterprise automation initiative.
  • -Strong SAP practice of over 20 years means that we know your transaction processes & systems better than anyone else. We leverage our SAP module SMEs for deep dive value discovery and integrations.


What we do?How it helps?
Professional ServicesADVISORY SERVICES·         IA Value Discovery·Developing automation capabilities within the client.
·         COE Building·Establishes best practices for automation.
·         Training & Mentoring·Ensures long-term success.
AUTOMATION DELIVERY·         Implementation Project·Rapid automation program.
·         Hire dedicated experts·Solutions delivery with standard practices & methodology.
Continuous ServicesMANAGED SERVICES·         Support & Maintenance·Ensure near zero downtime of critical business processes.
·         BOT Command Centre·Ensures smooth operationalization.


How Will Automation Impact Your Business?

It helps Your Business to cut-off extra costs and efforts by Automating the Monotonous Tasks!

What Can Software Robots Do?

Here are some of the tasks that can be easily handed over to the Robots

Log in to any

Move files
and folders

Read and write
to databases

Scrape data from
the web

Connect to
system APIs

Extract content from documents, PDFs, emails and forms

Open emails
and attachments


Anything That Can Be Automated, Will Be


  • Process-to-pay
  • Order-to-cash
  • Record-to-report

Supply Chain

  • Inventory management​
  • Demand & supply ​
  • Planning​
  • Invoice & contract​
  • management​


  • Server & app monitoring​
  • Routine maintenance &​ monitoring​


  • Payroll​
  • Onboarding & offboarding​
  • Benefits administration

Customer Services

  • Address change
  • Password reset
  • Payments Scheduling appointments
  • Order modifications


Run your automations from a desktop, data center, or the cloud

No Robots

100% human

Brainstorm with your team

Attended, In Tandem

Human on computer with Robot process in background

HR Robot works with onboarding team to provision a new employee


Attended process uses human’s computer to kick off unattended background process

Service Rep turns on Robot to delete customer data from multiple databases as part of a GDPR “right to forget” request

100% automation

100% automation

Robot processes invoices
Robot loads data into a system like SAP

OEM Relationship

Customer Relationship

Dealer Business

Vendor Lifecycle



Enterprise Asset

Customer Service and Service Parts Management

Unlock your business value with the power of Digital
and let the transformation begin.

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