Online Attendance Management System ( OAS )

Client is one of the fastest growing mutual funds in the country. In order to keep pace
with a rapid growth, there arises need to streamline certain process for departments
within and centralize the data repository.
AG Technologies developed Attendance Tracking System to streamline the attendance
management of the employees. The system involves Attendance Collection, State wise
Holiday management and mapping it to Employee attendance calendar, importing leave
information from SAP and employee Loss of Pay (LOP) report generation.

The client is one of the fastest growing mutual funds in the country with Average Assets under Management (AAUM) of Rs. 86,494 Crores (AAUM for 30th Sep 08) and an investor base of over 69.87 Lakhs. It offers investors a well-rounded portfolio of products to meet varying investor requirements and has presence in 118 cities across the country. It constantly endeavors to launch innovative products and customer service initiatives to increase value to investors.


Client has huge staff personnel at different location span all over India and HR
department is looking forward to track, manage and report their staff attendance.
Client wants a system which will be flexible enough to incorporate the following broad
• State wise Public Holidays
• Branch wise monthly timesheet
• Attendance Collection
ƒ By Logging In / Out of the System
ƒ For Previous Days by Manager Approval
ƒ By Administrator after Cutoff date
• Employee Attendance Calendar
• LOP & MIS Reports

The developed system has following features:
1. Attendance Collection: Each employee is required to log-in and log-out into the system to mark their presence for the day. These times will be taken as intime and out-time for that respective day.
2. Manage Region State Mapping: Each state shall contain multiple regions while a region can be associated with only one state.
3. Manage Public Holiday Master & Assigning Applicable Holidays: Public holiday master contains list of applicable holidays. The Admin shall be able to add new holidays. A list of applicable holidays is generated based on the state and region.

4. Manage Employee Attendance: The SAP system generates leave record of each employee in excel format. In order to manage the employee attendance; system will import a excel sheet from pre-defined location in pre-defined format. The data from excel file will be processed and database will be updated by the system. This record will be used to view the status of the leaves, leaves approved, remaining leave of each employee and will be reflected in employee’s personal calendar.
5. Log Employee Attendance for Previous day: Employee will get the details of his attendance in calendar view. Employee can put his attendance against the previous absent days and this record will be sent for approval to the immediate manager. Once employee created a request in the system, the task will be generated for the manager and an email will be sent to manager regarding employee’s request. Employee needs have to put his previous day attendance before the cutoff date for that month. Once the attendance is getting approved and added in attendance master, modification in this attendance is not allowed. If employee fails to put the attendance for previous day before cut off date then he can request his manager/ administrator to put the attendance.
6. Manage Notification: System allows admin user to send alert to all the applicable employees who are absent in the previous month & has not put their attendance against those days yet.

7. Manage Cut off date: The employees shall be able to put their attendance for the previous absent days to avoid the salary deduction. Admin user shall be able to set the cut off date for the month. This date will be set as the cutoff date for the previous month’s salary process.
8. Management Information System: The MIS reports will be generated for loss of pay, attendance adjustment and attendance count. These reports will be stored in centralized location, so that all HR admin can access these reports. These reports will be generated for each month/ quarter.
9. Master Data Management: Employee profile, State master and Region master, these masters are maintained using this module.

The Solution Benefit
• User friendly tool to manage & track attendance.
• Accelerated information Processing: People involved in the approval process are informed in real time by e-mail and alerts about the pending approval actions they are supposed to perform. This eliminates the waiting period largely.
• Region to state mapping facility.
• Facility to assign holiday to each state and region.
• MIS report generation viz. loss of pay, attendance adjustment, attendance count.

Technology and Tools:
Operating System Supported:
• Microsoft Windows Server 2003
• Microsoft Share Point Server 2007
• Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 (ASP.NET, C#)
• Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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