The relevance of the offshore development center model is no longer in question; instead, it has become the de facto business model for the Internet economy. The phenomenal growth predicted in the outsourcing market makes offshore development centers a definitive business solution.

AG Technologies offers its clients, a sound value proposition that ensures a significant reduction in cost and on-time delivery through its Offshore Development Centers. The Offshore team of AG Technologies primarily constitutes of highly qualified software engineers who have the necessary background and technical expertise to meet your IT needs. Acting as a virtual extension of your development center, the offshore patron of our team has the ability to provide you scalable IT solutions at a fraction of your development cost.


We combine robust processes, reusable frameworks, world-class skill sets, and strong project management techniques to deliver excellent business results to our offshore customers. Your Work done at Our Offshore Development Centers would result in visible cost savings and productivity increases. Our Offshore development strategy adopts a unique global delivery model for support, which takes advantage of the time zone differential to enhance the existing system without affecting any downtime in the operation.

Combining domain knowledge and technology expertise, AG Technologies offers offshore outsourcing in the areas of applications outsourcing, applications maintenance, mobile, and wireless solutions, help desk support, and testing.

Why AG Technologies

The following benefits provide a compelling business case for utilizing AG Technologies’ Offshore Development Center:


Reduction in operational cost


The ability to access our qualified and skilled team at lower cost


Opportunity to convert your overhead costs to monthly variable business expenses

Unlock your business value with the power of Digital
and let the transformation begin.

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