We identify capacity constraints while maximizing asset utilization across the chemical manufacturing landscape. Our supply chain solutions enable collaborative demand planning and scheduling. Traceability enables prompt response to unforeseen events and disruptions across the supply chain. Our accelerators incorporate multi-tier demand prioritization logic across supply planning and order promising. It facilitates consensus planning, aggregate planning, campaign (product wheel) planning, push production, tank scheduling, and comprehensive safety stock modeling. While AG Technologies BI streamlines reporting and analytics, Advanced Business Planning incorporates processes for the industry using SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

Why AG Technologies:

We work with the leading insurers by understanding their business challenges and providing them with robust, best-in-class, result focused, solutions, enabling them to deliver higher value to their stakeholders.

Rating engine, automated underwriting tools, actuarial tools,insurance remittance processing.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Claims Management Workflow.

Financial calculators, insurance calculators, real time quotation.

Policy Administration System Consolidation.

Invoicing, collections, and premium audit.

Agency systems

Claims Processing and Fraud Management.

Legacy Applications Modernization and Integration.

Enterprise Systems – SAP Service Offerings.

Applications Optimization.

Our Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Expertise, coupled with domain knowledge of this industry, helps us integrate disparate systems seamlessly and extend the back office systems to customers, channel partners and the Internet.We can leverage our knowledge of the insurance sector and build CRM solutions that help insurance firms to always stay ahead of the competition.

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