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Corporate Planning Portal

( SharePoint Portal Server / SharePoint Services - Case Study)
AG Technologies created a basic functionality of SharePoint Portal Server, by creating a functional Corporate Communication and Collaborative portal and team site and publishing the portal on to Internet, thus enabling all the business unit and external users to access the portal from Internet. The SharePoint server solution not only met corporate standards for extensibility, security and centralized management, but it took client beyond by improving team collaboration resulting in increased productivity.

Client offers a range of products and services in the field of auto components to automotive vehicle manufacturers. The corporate functions support all business units and are into joint ventures with global auto component leaders and two subsidiaries in the plastics and stampings product areas. They has 14 manufacturing plants, three engineering centers and three export-oriented units, and is rapidly expanding its business with vehicle manufacturers and Tier I suppliers to the automotive industry. Its current OE customers include DaimlerChrysler, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Mahindra and Mahindra, Piaggio, Tata Motors, Toyota, and Volvo.


Client requirement was to create a Corporate Knowledge Base, Communication and
Collaborative portal, capable of web enabling their employees to become more productive
by having a secure and role-based access to key business and organization-related data.
Also the other requirement was to collaborate and share information within the team and
at the organization level.

The basic requirement was to develop a Corporate Communication and Collaborative
Intranet Portal solution for its employees. AG Technologies developed a corporate
communication and collaborative portal using SharePoint Portal Server 2003 capable of
web enabling their employees to become more productive by having secure, role-based
access to key business data, facilitating effective collaboration

Project Summary
Industry: Automotive
Client Profile: Manufacturer of Auto Components
Solution: The above requirements were met creating a functional Corporate Communication and Collaborative portal, using SharePoint Portal Server 2003
Solution Benefits
„ Simplified personal storage
„ Rich team collaboration
„ Increased Flexibility
„ Improved access to information.
„ Better response to new business needs.
„ Improved monitoring and report capabilities
„ Reduction in data redundancies.

The Solution Benefit
1. An easy way to create web portals with integrated document management services and search capabilities.

2. Simplified personal storage.

3.Central point of access to all existing key business information and applications, as well as provision to share information across file servers, databases, public folders, Internet sites, and SharePoint Team Services–based Web sites.

4. The portal is capable of enabling the employees to become more productive by
having secure and role-based access to key internal business and organization related personal data. 

5. Rich team collaboration using familiar productivity tools and technologies. 

6. Reduction in data redundancies and sources of multiple data entry thus
improving data quality and reliability.

7. Faster application deployment and increased efficiency. 

8. Solution for Geographically diverse Business units and users. 


Technology and Tools:

Operating System:
• Microsoft Windows Server 2003
• Microsoft .Net Framework (ASP.NET, C#)
• Microsoft Windows Server 2003
• Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003
• Lotus Notes
• Microsoft SQL Server 2000
3rd Party integration:
• None

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