A Solid Foundation Built On Core Values


Customer Focus

Our success is derived from a comprehensive understanding and a commitment to deliver exceptional service and value of our clients.



We lead with integrity to drive organisational success and creative innovation. We create an environment of positive change built on collaboration and trust.


Execution Excellence

We insist on excellence in all our deliverables to give us the competitive advantage and stand distinguished as an industry leader.



We aspire individually and collectively to be more than we are today.



We accept individual responsibility for our commitments and expect to be accountable for results, no matter what the challenges.


Leadership should derive from skill, not title; our CLEAR Values align teammates from/across all layers and levels

Ontime Execution

With little time to get it right, an employee’s first instinct should be informed by our CLEAR Values


With encouragement for risk-taking and innovation comes the need to act responsibly and with integrity

Nurturing Talent

Nurturing Talent

We recognize people are our most valuable assets, and invest in attracting and developing talent


Our CLEAR Values represent common standards that unite a global, increasingly virtual AGT community

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