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The migration to a new ERP system is a fundamental system change that needs navigating complex IT issues like compatibility problems, inconsistent business processes, and slow or blocked migration. An SAP S/4HANA transformation includes an enterprise system conversion to SAP’s simplified 4th-generation SAP S/4HANA business suite, hosted either on-premise, in the cloud, or operated as a hybrid.

We simplify the targeted migration of your existing data, systems, and processes to S/4HANA with seamless SAP Activation with minimal or no additional investment.

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The S4 HANA migration is crucial to adding new business functions, processes, roles, and analytics capabilities to your Fiori apps. We offer the following managed services:

SAP BTP SP/EHP Upgrades Implementation Upgrade Fiori Setup Support

If you’re preparing to shift of your ERP modules to SAP S/4HANA, our Brownfield migration assessment includes a technical feasibility assessment that reduces migration budget and complexities. We devise a migration plan based on different technical approaches and automation strategies. We perform conversion tools and risk analysis, system usage monitoring, compatibility, and conversion checks. This helps with error management, code evaluation, and proper implementation.

The SP/EHP upgrade process lets S/4HANA take full advantage of exceptional transactional processing and reporting capabilities. We start with enhancement package installations in the existing system and iteratively introduce new business functions like hardware and software estimations, migration and documentation planning and execution, components cloning, enhancements, testing, and post-upgrade support.

We perform project scoping to ensure the best outcomes for the business context. We begin with designing the support structure and using the required toolsets to move HANA workloads. Our team installs the SAP S/4HANA instance and performs prechecks, simplification, and security operations. We perform custom UI development using Fiori and rapid modules deployment using DevOps Best Practices.

We help you upgrade your Fiori setup to deliver a consistent, coherent, and convenient user experience across multiple devices. We handle the SAP Fiori Front-End Server for front-end software components that run SAP Fiori apps and implement the user interface and the back-end connectivity. Our expertise also includes Gateway and OData Services for business data management from the back-end system.

Our seasoned experts are always available to support S4 HANA migration functions on-demand, including consistency and completeness checks. Our post-implementation support includes configuring, testing, and documenting while addressing SAP IT security issues for technical, operational, and administrative impact. We help streamline customer and internal incident management. And real-time analyses and reporting.

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