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Automation Anywhere is a cloud-native intelligent automation platform. It facilitates the companies to quicken-up the processes with robotic process automation. It is the digital solution that simplifies automation so anyone can automate their business tasks.

As a partner of Automation Anywhere, our professionals use robotic process automation and the cloud to help clients optimize their workforce and operations to drive agility, efficiency, and sustainability.

Ag-Technologies provides process discovery and automation assessment solutions for accelerated automation adoption. We have a team of professionals who tends to deliver the best to the customers. We believe in customers first approach; hence, offer customer-oriented solutions

Robotic Process Automation

Enterprise RPA is automation for every rules-based, repeatable task, such as processing a transaction, manipulating data or communicating with a digital system

Cognitive Automation

Cognitive automation uses Al and machine learning to automate unstructured and semi-structured processes, such as analyzing customer emails or processing invoices.

Digital Workforce Analytics

Analytics synthesize bot- level data to generate real-time operational intelligence and actionable business insights presented through visual dashboards.

What Made Us Different from Others?

Better Support:

An experienced and skilled partner can provide you good support for your RPA solution and is able to resolve any critical or non-critical query with ease. Not only that but if needed, official partners can escalate any issue directly to Automation Anywhere and help you get them resolved quickly.


Experience & Credibility:

We have relevant experience in managing RPA implementation, development, and consultation services. Our team has good knowledge of the platform as well as efficiency to ensure the credibility of the services being provided.


Consultation and Customization Services:

As experienced partner, we understand RPA inside out; able to provide consultation services about how you can get the best out of the default out of the box functionalities of RPA and then if needed offer reliable customizations services must have to ensure a well-implemented Automation Anywhere solution.

Any Industry, Any Process, Anywhere

Banking and Financial Services


  • Venfication/audit
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Compliance processing
  • Loan processing
  • Customer account management
Insurance | RPA


  • Claims processing and administration
  • Report automation
  • Prioritize and assign claims
  • Adjudication process
  • Billing data integration


  • Inventory management
  • Forms processing
  • Digital invoice generation
  • Global contracting system
  • Data collection


  • Corporate billing reports
  • Freight email triage
  • Supply chain management operations
  • Sales order system
  • Paper mill reporting
Manufacturing | RPA

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