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Robotic Process Automation

Enterprise RPA is automation for every rules-based, repeatable task, such as processing a transaction, manipulating data or communicating with a digital system

Cognitive Automation

Cognitive automation uses Al and machine learning to automate unstructured and semi-structured processes, such as analyzing customer emails or processing invoices.

Digital Workforce Analytics

Analytics synthesize bot- level data to generate real-time operational intelligence and actionable business insights presented through visual dashboards.

Any Industry, Any Process, Anywhere

Banking and Financial Services


  • Venfication/audit
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Compliance processing
  • Loan processing
  • Customer account management
Insurance | RPA


  • Claims processing and administration
  • Report automation
  • Prioritize and assign claims
  • Adjudication process
  • Billing data integration


  • Inventory management
  • Forms processing
  • Digital invoice generation
  • Global contracting system
  • Data collection


  • Corporate billing reports
  • Freight email triage
  • Supply chain management operations
  • Sales order system
  • Paper mill reporting
Manufacturing | RPA

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