Intelligent Solution for Your Factory

7 Features of Intelligent Automation in Manufacturing Sector


Keeping and maintaining the control of a factory shop floor has become imperative. Availability of your equipment is an important metric to have for a production floor. The goal of a productive work floor is minimizing the downtime.

The better data you have the better will be the Planned and unplanned downtime Management. Obtaining the relevant data is an important aspect of any Manufacturing Intelligent system.

The data gets collected by IoT devices on the relevant machines this data can be visualized and worked upon.

If you are a Continuous Process Manufacturer you know how important process parameters are and how its deviation can affect the quality of the output. Manufacturing Intelligent system helps you overcome these challenges.


1. Real-time Measurement and Data Processing


Tracking real-time view of quality, overheads, productivity-related metrics, its analysis, and reporting as required.

If your MIS team still fetches data manually from the factory. You know it can take up to days to obtain the data and then process and visualize.

Manufacturing intelligence makes sure that your team gets the live data from your individual machines so that you have a real-time monitoring and controlling system present in your organization.


2. Internet of Things


IoT helps you connect individual machines on your shop floor to give you datapoints such as Uptime, Downtime, Stoppages, Loading times, Unloading Times, Temperature, Pressure, and many such important parameters in real time to your desktop in real time.

This is very important for a factory manager to understand Real time alerts, Utility consumption analytics, Financial impact analysis, Machine capacity analysis, Production analysis, WIP analysis, etc.


3. Machine and Controller Agnostic


The Manufacturing Intelligence system implemented should truly be Machine and Controller agnostic.

Your system should be capable to adopt any machine irrespective of make and model so that your system is always live even if the Shop machines are upgraded or changed to adapt in the system.


4. Data Analytics


Data received from the IoT devices is the core of any Intelligent manufacturing system. Analyzing and organising such a large set becomes very important to extract the actionable value-based insights and share them across the organisation.

A well designed Manufacturing intelligence system should be capable to provide 360 degree visibility of shop floor to CXO’s, Plant Managers and Engineering teams.


5. Limit Free Data Capturing for an Implemented Intelligent Manufacturing System


The system you implement should not limit you from adding new machines on your shop floor.

You add capacity to your production to have “economies of scale” and if your Manufacturing system does not allow you to add new capacities will result in an incomplete and unproductive factory.


6. Limit Free Users


A truly helpful system will allow all the users from the Shop floor to higher Management to generate value for the business from looking in the dashboards, understanding the Metrics, getting the insights and not being limited by the restriction of limited authorized users who can access the data.


7. Truly Enterprise Solution


Choosing a solution which suits your requirement is the first logical step of any business looking to adopt any solution.

Your system should be scalable to allow expansion of Continuous processes, Production lines, expansion of production units in different geographies. It should provide a real-world Disaster recovery solution.

The challenges in your Production environments are unique to your factory and we understand that.

Whether it a Continuous Process Industry that requires complete control of process parameters to understand deviations and its management Or a Batch Production Shop floor implementing Make to order strategy.


Every step in the manufacturing process needs data capture, its analysis, and its Point of action. If you are interested to explore Manufacturing Intelligence in your organization, We offer free consultations to discuss all the possibilities which could be possible for your organization.