Dealer and distribution management of business

Dealer and Distributor Management For Businesses


Does Your Supply Chain Look Like This?


You have multiple touchpoints such as company dealers, retailers, franchises, etc. When the performance quality given to Distributors is high, automatically the performance received to your end customer increases. You would have heard various complaints such as:

No proper target setting platform, Lack of end-to-end visibility of order pipeline, almost no visibility on Live inventory status, cumbersome payment process, and many more.

The challenges faced by you have a real chance of being fixed and it starts by asking a simple question: Do we have a dealer and Distributor management system? and if yes. Is it really solving my problem?


How Does an Inefficient Dealer and Distributor Management System Look Like?


1. Inefficient Processes 


Your order request, service request, complaints are entered manually. Your employees are still using Phones / Emails to communicate with dealers and distributor networks. Adding up the manual entries to the system causing costly errors.


2. No Visibility


A very big contributor to inefficiency is the absence of pro-activeness in dealer forecasts. If there is no visibility in Stock present at distributor and dealer locations, there is a direct business impact on you.


3. Non-Existent reporting


You constantly have to strive hard to coordinate with your distributors and dealers for data and most of your time is being spent on this.

Spending valuable time on non-value processes such as data collection and reporting makes you inefficient.


10 Important points for the Dealer & Distributor Management Portal


  1. It provides AI-based predictive insights on what, when, who to Sell
  2. It allows managers to download rich reports detailing the performance of their teams
  3. It actively manages Target SettingOrder TakingInventory takingBeat Plan and leave employee’s to focus on critical matters
  4. It collects OrdersPaymentsessential customer information, such as name, email ID, contact number, address, etc.
  5. It handles Supply chain operations, thereby allowing employees to perform functions that require human ingenuity
  6. Scheme Promotions can be made using a single platform
  7. It sends timely reminders, notifications, and emails to customers on the email list
  8. Modern Distributor and Dealer Management solution can be easily integrated with any existing ERP in the system
  9. It manages all finance and accounting activities and submits detailed reports on a quarterly/monthly/half-yearly/annual basis
  10. It provides a solid logical framework that enables managers to base their decisions on




Modern Dealer & Distribution System is essential to remain competitive in business. Leveraging AI becomes a must to attain a high functioning supply chain operation, especially when you have a vast network of Stakeholders.

The performance received by your end-user should be high and this can only happen when performance to dealers and distributors is extremely high.


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